Monday, July 25, 2011

Online Legal Forms

In the past, people obtained legal forms only through attorneys, public notaries and government offices. In our time and age, legal documents became very accessible on the internet. This provides the consumer with the ease, convenience and inexpensive access to the forms form the comfort of one's home or office computer.
Depending on the forms, some forms can be obtained from government offices and now websites as in the case of court related forms. These forms can usually be obtained at no cost. Other forms such as business forms can be obtained from attorneys websites, law firms websites and business legal websites. The prices and quality of legal forms vary from one website to another and one must exercise due diligence when shopping for legal forms online.
Websites offering legal forms differ not only in price but in content as well. Some websites offer a wide range of forms while others specialize in one specific form. The latter are one form websites. One might think that larger websites are more credible while another might conclude that the one form website is more specialized. The fact of the matter is, it does not matter where you obtain the form as long as you do your research about the website and it's trustworthiness. This can be done by Googling reviews about the website in question as well as by testing the website's customer support reliability by contacting them for information. Some websites offer form samples for free which provides user with an idea of what they are getting.
There are Pros and Cons to buying legal forms online. Some of the Pros include:

  • - Saving Money
  • - Saving Time
  • - Ease and convenience (Especially when forms are downloaded instantly after purchase) There are         also disadvantages to buying legal forms on the internet, some of which include:
  • - Unprofessionally drafted documents
  • - The lack of guidance or instruction on how to complete the forms
  • - Not having the software (such as Word or Adobe) in which the document is formatted

For the aforementioned reasons, Online users have to be browse multiple websites in order to make the most educated decision. As well, it is imperative to thoroughly investigate the credibility and reliability of the website before making the purchase. Whether it is temporary guardianship form or a bill of sale one must exercise due diligence and good judgment because if the form were poorly drafted, it may be legally invalid and therefore useless or worse it may have negative legal ramifications on its user.
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Friday, June 17, 2011

New Top 10 Types of Legal Forms sites

1 . Free Legal Forms - Free Legal Forms .net's Form Library contains 1000's of free legal forms covering a wide range of needs. To find the free legal form that you are looking for, use the search box below or click on one of the popular searches on the left.

2.Free Legal Forms - Thousands of websites sell these documents and this is only place to get them free.

3 . Legal - offers legal forms drafted to comply with the laws of your State. Most forms are available for downloading in Word format. Free form descriptions, previews and law summaries are available. Over 50,000 legal documents are available. Don't trust generic forms. "The Forms Professionals Trust".

4 . - Over 700,00 free legal forms at your fingertips with our one of a kind legal search engine.

5 . U.S. Legal Forms - U.S. Legal Forms is the original and premiere site for legal forms on the Internet. Over 36,000 legal documents and forms, including wills, name change, real estate and more.

6 . LEGAL FORMS - Online database of 3000+ free legal forms, contracts, agreements and alternative legal clauses you can access when needed. So, why give these legal forms away free? There are two reasons: (1) recent world events have led to an unstable economic and financial meltdown. With this in mind, Giveawaylegalforms .com was setup as a way of reducing legal costs. And (2) our staff would like to see this site become the "#1" Internet legal forms site.

7 . Affordable Online Legal Forms at LegalZoom - Get the everyday legal forms you need at affordable prices. Top attorneys create, review and update our forms constantly and provide simple instructions for use. Here's how it works:

8 . California Courts: Forms - Judicial Council Forms. The Judicial Council and the Administrative Office of the Courts forms presented in the Forms section of the California Courts Web site are ...

9 . FindLaw for Legal Professionals Forms - FindLaw's collection of legal forms and business contracts is designed for legal professionals. Browse the form topics relevant to your practice area below or shop for Forms.

10 . ILRG Legal Forms - We are pleased to offer the Internet's largest collection of free legal forms -- 2,000+ and growing!  A number of our forms are now adapted for state-specific use, and we will continue to increase this number.  We're committed to delivering the highest quality forms on the Internet -- so committed, in fact, that we'll pay $50 to any person who can demonstrate that one of our forms is not compliant with state law.